Tuesday, 25 December 2012

Day 01 - 6th Dec 2012

Finally after nearly 2 years we have started building our new house! Now the time has come it feels a little sad to say good bye to a house that has stood for 101 years, but change is good and it will stand for another 101 years, i hope.

So some pictures of how she was and then some of the builders moving in:

The 20 ton digger turned up and with fag papers between squeezed it through the gates to start demolishing and slowly and with considerable care she slowly turned to rubble.

Saving the tiles from the roof proved too time consuming so they abandoned this and smashed them all.

Two new sites huts are going to be HQ for the next 9 months at least, its all going to happen in here, meetings, decisisons, changes, technical details all going to go on and i am looking forward to being a part of it all and Dave is so looking forward to paying for it all!!!!!