Thursday, 18 July 2013

Day 225 - 18th July 2013

What great weather and lots of builders on site baring their backs and flexing their muscles......
Roof tiles are going on and upstairs windows are going in, the 1st fix electrics is happening and lots of decisions being made, some tense site meetings trying to get everything organised so that jobs is not delayed further. We are looking at and end of Nov finish and maybe even first week of Dec.....oh no looks unlikely for Christmas this year but hey ho it will be great and anyway an excuse to go away for Christmas.....some more pictures...

Wednesday, 19 June 2013

Day 196 19th June 2013

It is certainly coming along, we are up to the roof and the tiles are all on palettes waiting to be lifted into place. Internal walls are up and you can see the shape of the rooms both upstairs and downstairs. Lots of decisions to make all the time, doors, ironmongery, floor coverings, coving, skirting you name we have discussed it...... budget looking a bit risky and the timetable has slipped back a little but we are hoping for Christmas in the new house.........

just a few more photo's

Monday, 13 May 2013

Day 159  -13th May 2013

Oh my we have a complete ground floor, rooms with ceilings, window spaces and doors. It is really taking shape, the kitchen diner i think will be a lovely space and Dave's office well i don't think I'll never get him out, what with his telly and new leather easy chairs he has treated himself too!!!

The 1st floor is in place and so more scaffold will be going up and also brickwork on my workshop has started. We are choosing front doors, the colour of the external paintwork, the bathrooms decisions have been made and the kitchen order placed. 

The trees are finally coming into bloom, the veggie garden has sprouted and i have picked my first asparagus, our two resident ducks seem to be laying eggs all over the place and i have a frog stuck in the spout of my watering can....all is great in the world!!!

Tuesday, 23 April 2013

Day 139 - 23rd April -St George's Day
The build is progressing well, up to 1st floor around the outside with some internal walls going up. We have actually walked inside and are starting to picture the rooms, although it is hard to see them completely when there is no roof and windows. The garden room looks enormous going up to the sky and then other rooms look too small to fit a sofa in! i am sure it will come together in the end.
The scaffolding is being erected and the area is being levelled and some stone laid to start cleaning the site and allowing easier access.

The rainwater harvesting tank has been put in and given our wet weather these days i expect it will be full in no time! all 6000 litres!

Laying a stone base to start organising the levels which are considerable, given the lay of the land.
In the meantime decisions have been made re windows and doors, kitchens and bathrooms and it is getting real exciting choosing cupboards and sinks and baths! Check out Catchpole and Rye, their bateau is simply wonderful, so deep and stylish.
There seems to be lots of meetings and showrooms to visit all of a sudden, even though the build is in its early days but it is surprising how one area impacts on another and so decisions have to be made about things that seem months away. We are sorting a staircase and also finalising the patio around the house, no expense spared there!!!!

Tuesday, 19 March 2013

Day 104 - 19th March 2013
Things are really starting to happen now, there are ground workers, brikies all sorts on site and the layout is plain to see.
 Foundations are in and the brickwork is starting, this will eventually be the front of the houseHere is the garden room

 Rainwater harvesting tank all 6500 litres of it, you should see the size of the hole they dug!

 A delivery of shingle/concrete to backfill the tank area.
 You can just see the floor of my workshop, behind the inspection drains.
Due to our great English weather we are 3 weeks behind but so far the end date has no been pushed back although i think this is only a matter of time!, our aim is to be in for Christmas so fingers crossed and if anyone out there could do some sort of anti-rain dance, then get going. What we need is about 8 weeks of sun and no rain to dry up the mud and water, and to think i thought we could live on site in a caravan what was i thinking?????


Tuesday, 19 February 2013

Day 76 19th February 2013

Progress has been steady, basement and foundations have been dug, concrete poured and the new house is starting to take shape. The diesal, has been nicked from site....bloody pykes....wait till Mr Jasper is on patrol! If he get's hold of you, you will be sorry!
Update of photo's

It is hard to see the sizes, somethings look too big other areas look too small, everyone tells me it will change size throughout the project and come good in the end....hope they are right!
We are busy choosing bricks and tiles, windows and doors, paintwork colours,gutters and odd looking dragons for the roof, Norbett and friends will be fun!

Site is looking good, the slab for garage and workshop to be cast in the next couple of days and then the basement to be far so good a little behind schedule due to weather but as yet on budget!! but i am sure this will change! i have seen some fab crystal door handles, and bespoke carved kitchen cupboard, obviously a must have item!

Wednesday, 2 January 2013

Day 13 - 18th December 2012

What took several months to build and stood for 101 years has come down in a matter of days.