Tuesday, 23 April 2013

Day 139 - 23rd April -St George's Day
The build is progressing well, up to 1st floor around the outside with some internal walls going up. We have actually walked inside and are starting to picture the rooms, although it is hard to see them completely when there is no roof and windows. The garden room looks enormous going up to the sky and then other rooms look too small to fit a sofa in! i am sure it will come together in the end.
The scaffolding is being erected and the area is being levelled and some stone laid to start cleaning the site and allowing easier access.

The rainwater harvesting tank has been put in and given our wet weather these days i expect it will be full in no time! all 6000 litres!

Laying a stone base to start organising the levels which are considerable, given the lay of the land.
In the meantime decisions have been made re windows and doors, kitchens and bathrooms and it is getting real exciting choosing cupboards and sinks and baths! Check out Catchpole and Rye, their bateau is simply wonderful, so deep and stylish.
There seems to be lots of meetings and showrooms to visit all of a sudden, even though the build is in its early days but it is surprising how one area impacts on another and so decisions have to be made about things that seem months away. We are sorting a staircase and also finalising the patio around the house, no expense spared there!!!!