Monday, 13 May 2013

Day 159  -13th May 2013

Oh my we have a complete ground floor, rooms with ceilings, window spaces and doors. It is really taking shape, the kitchen diner i think will be a lovely space and Dave's office well i don't think I'll never get him out, what with his telly and new leather easy chairs he has treated himself too!!!

The 1st floor is in place and so more scaffold will be going up and also brickwork on my workshop has started. We are choosing front doors, the colour of the external paintwork, the bathrooms decisions have been made and the kitchen order placed. 

The trees are finally coming into bloom, the veggie garden has sprouted and i have picked my first asparagus, our two resident ducks seem to be laying eggs all over the place and i have a frog stuck in the spout of my watering can....all is great in the world!!!