Tuesday, 19 February 2013

Day 76 19th February 2013

Progress has been steady, basement and foundations have been dug, concrete poured and the new house is starting to take shape. The diesal, has been nicked from site....bloody pykes....wait till Mr Jasper is on patrol! If he get's hold of you, you will be sorry!
Update of photo's

It is hard to see the sizes, somethings look too big other areas look too small, everyone tells me it will change size throughout the project and come good in the end....hope they are right!
We are busy choosing bricks and tiles, windows and doors, paintwork colours,gutters and odd looking dragons for the roof, Norbett and friends will be fun!

Site is looking good, the slab for garage and workshop to be cast in the next couple of days and then the basement to be cast.....so far so good a little behind schedule due to weather but as yet on budget!! but i am sure this will change! i have seen some fab crystal door handles, and bespoke carved kitchen cupboard, obviously a must have item!