Tuesday, 19 March 2013

Day 104 - 19th March 2013
Things are really starting to happen now, there are ground workers, brikies all sorts on site and the layout is plain to see.
 Foundations are in and the brickwork is starting, this will eventually be the front of the houseHere is the garden room

 Rainwater harvesting tank all 6500 litres of it, you should see the size of the hole they dug!

 A delivery of shingle/concrete to backfill the tank area.
 You can just see the floor of my workshop, behind the inspection drains.
Due to our great English weather we are 3 weeks behind but so far the end date has no been pushed back although i think this is only a matter of time!, our aim is to be in for Christmas so fingers crossed and if anyone out there could do some sort of anti-rain dance, then get going. What we need is about 8 weeks of sun and no rain to dry up the mud and water, and to think i thought we could live on site in a caravan what was i thinking?????